Radical Forgiveness Through the Eyes of Jesus

Sometimes forgiving others who may have wronged us or forgiving ourselves for our past blunders can be very difficult. Our worst enemies―fear, pride, and selfishness―can often rob us from experiencing healthy, fulfilling interpersonal relationships through our intentional unforgiveness.

Radical Forgiveness Through the Eyes of Jesus shows how we can experience and express God’s love, grace, and mercy in ways that transform, as we forgive others (and ourselves) as God has forgiven us.

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Tribulation Worketh Patience
Living Triumphantly Through Faith and Enduring Hope

Have you ever wondered why God allows His people to endure pain and misfortune? Tribulation Worketh Patience answers this age-old question by exploring biblical keys that have encouraged and strengthened God’s people for nearly two-thousand years.

With faithfulness and selfless love, our Beneficent Creator and Sovereign Ruler can satisfy our deepest longings for anything we could ever want or imagine. And His Spirit abides within us to ensure our victory—even in adversity.

Yes! It is possible for God’s people to live triumphantly in today’s world. What a Wonderful Savior!

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The Christian Heritage: God’s Answers for a Searching World
Revised and Expanded

Finding peace and serenity in a post-modern, post-pandemic, twenty-first century society with escalating political and social contention, crime, violence, health and safety concerns, and untimely deaths producing anxiety, depression, isolation, and loneliness has been impossible. Or has it?

Lasting tranquility is possible when we use the principles Jesus Christ has shown and given us. The Christian Heritage shows us how we can use His captivating model to live productive and fulling lives in an ever-changing world.

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The Last Words of Jesus to His Disciples:
Enduring Lessons on Faith, Hope, and Love

What would you do if you had less than twenty-four hours to live? Knowing He would die in a few hours, Jesus Christ spent His last few moments sharing powerful, enduring lessons of faith, hope, and love such as, Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled; I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; I Give You a New Commandment—Love, just as I Love You, that yet transform people around the world today.

It is unfathomable how someone would spend His last moments sharing His heart as passionately and unselfishly as our Lord did. The Last Words of Jesus explores enduring lessons Jesus taught that continue to transform and strengthen human hearts and minds even in today’s fast-paced, hectic world.

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Oh For the Joy!
Forgiven and Free in Christ

Feeling troubled today? Looking for encouragement? The incredible joy we have in Jesus Christ produces the assurance, comfort, and security we will not find on earth—especially during troubling and uncertain times.

Oh For The Joy! will enable you to discover lasting peace and serenity as you realize your vast potential as a forgiven and free child of God.


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Five Things Every Christian Must Know

Sometimes life’s hectic pace can distract us from realizing our unique, God-given design. Here, we often settle for a false identity that is woefully inadequate in providing true fulfillment. As God defines us in His Word, we have been designed—before we were born—with five essential characteristics that we can live out over the course of our lifetime to reach our full potential in Christ.

 Five Things Every Christian Must Know shows how through an eternal encounter with Jesus Christ, we can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life filled with His purpose, grace, and peace.

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