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Have you ever wondered what the Christian life looks like in a perfect world?

The Christian Heritage illustrates it through eight attributes, which when applied will:

  • Strengthen our faith in Christ (faith)
  • Help us live lives of moral excellence (virtue)
  • Show the importance of learning God’s Word through Christian discipleship and applying it through relevant and effective service to God and others (knowledge)
  • Demonstrate the importance of personal self-control in the Christian life (temperance)
  • Show how we can patiently endure to the end (patience)
  • Teach us the importance of piety and sanctity in the Christian life and how they are attained (godliness)
  • Show how brotherly kindness can be expressed to perfection within the Christian life (brotherly kindness), and
  • Show how we can demonstrate God’s unconditional love, which is the crowning glory of the Christian life (love)

Through the use of compelling Bible verses, the works of other authors, and practical applications, The Christian Heritage will help the reader understand how to live a Christ-centered life in an ever-changing world.

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Forgiving others who may have wronged us or forgiving ourselves for our past blunders is never easy. Our worst enemies―fear, pride and selfishness―can rob us from experiencing healthy, fulfilling interpersonal relationships because of our intentional unforgiveness.

Radical Forgiveness through the Eyes of Jesus is a practical, informative how-to guide that will:

  • Explain how we are not “mistakes” or “afterthoughts” but are wonderfully designed, equal, and significant components of God’s eternal master plan
  • Identify self-defeating thinking patterns that get in the way of our forgiveness
  • Illustrate the lifelong process of personal and interpersonal spiritual wholeness
  • Show how the radical forgiveness of Jesus Christ still benefits us greatly today
  • Show how true freedom in Christ enables us to practice radical forgiveness, and
  • Show how simple, ordinary people can perform a ministry of reconciliation that enhances our Christian synergy

Through Radical Forgiveness, we can experience and express God’s love, grace, and mercy in ways that transform others and us. How about you?

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There are times when the hectic pace of life can distract us from accepting and fulfilling our unique, God-given design. We then settle for a worldly identity that is woefully inadequate. A continual encounter with Jesus Christ will enable us to enjoy our healthy and fulfilling destiny that produces a lifestyle of purpose, grace, and peace.

Five Things Every Christians Must Know is the practical, informative how-to guide that will:

  • Explain how we are not “mistakes” or “afterthoughts” but are wonderfully designed by God to fulfill his specific redemptive plan
  • Show how the forgiveness of sin we have in Jesus Christ gives us peace and freedom that lasts forever
  • Illustrate our unique, God-given, lifelong purpose and identity in Christ
  • Show how we have the ultimate assurance of God’s eternal provision and care
  • Demonstrate how our fellowship in Christ produces the lifelong benefit of moral and spiritual wholeness
  • Present how simple, ordinary people can live compelling lives that literally change the world

While we are waiting for the glorious return of Jesus Christ, let us take comfort in how God defines us in His Word. Then, we can celebrate the five germane characteristics He designed for us before we were born. What about you?

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