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Who We Are:
Not Of The World Ministries, Inc, (NOTWM, Inc.) is a Christian educational ministry that provides Bible-based materials that illustrate how we Christians can live for the Lord and serve others effectively. We will offer:

Resources to help people strengthen their understanding of the Bible and its personal application.

Christ-centered models for living that incorporate spiritual maturity with moral fidelity.

Tools that will help Christians establish and/or strengthen their commitment to Christ.

Practical examples of how we all can serve the Lord and others effectively.

An understanding of fundamental spiritual and moral principles, essential to spiritual growth.

Our name is based on John 17:16; there our Lord Jesus Christ described His followers by saying: “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world!”

We disseminate printed media, audio-visual materials, conduct seminars and workshops, while utilizing the internet and other promotional resources at our disposal.

In this way, we create an atmosphere where relevant, Bible-based presentations of the Christian life can help other Christians develop and maintain  a personal and professional outlook that helps to foster a culture of home, church and societal harmony.


Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Today

I imagine that the moon was full that evening when Jesus informed His Disciples of His departure. Instantly, fear and great anxiety overwhelmed them for they now realized their time with Jesus Christ was coming to an end. Three years before, they were ‘called’ by this  itinerant preacher to leave everything—families, occupations, and lifestyles—to follow …

Making Us New in 2019

Around the world, revelers gather to witness remarkable pyrotechnics and special effects lighting shows to celebrate a New Year. The Times Square Ball, New York, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Harbour Bridge, Sydney, Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, the River Thames near the London Eye as well as other locations provide revelers with …


Here are some resources you may find helpful.

Forgiving others who may have wronged us or forgiving ourselves for our past blunders is never easy. Our worst enemies―fear, pride and selfishness―can rob us from experiencing healthy, fulfilling interpersonal relationships because of our intentional unforgiveness.

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